Well, hullo!

Flea market luck brought me this Critic Quality Feed sign decades ago; it’s been on the wall ever since.  This Christmas, Eden and Michael, one-third of my unruly, adventurous brood, made it the logo and title of their inspired present: this blog.

Now it’s up to me.

Sheila Benson

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About Sheila Benson

Growing up in a movie-centric household, with an abiding interest in ballet and a background in Theatre Arts at UCLA, somehow I found myself drawn to writing about films. At first on a small Mill Valley weekly, then at a slightly bigger paper, as the Los Angeles Times Film Critic (1981-1991.) Now, after 3 decades with the right husband, I read, write, sometimes cook, miss my kids, sound off about politics and watch movies as obsessively as ever.

4 thoughts on “Well, hullo!

  1. Sheila, I wonder if you will even get this… My mother, Rita Fink of Belvedere passed away recently, at 100 years, 2 months. In her papers I came upon a fun note from her to you. I’d love to scan it and email it to you, or via DM on twitter, or FB. If you get this, let me know.
    –Ric Fink

  2. Dear Ms. Benson,
    Many moons ago (1987?), I contacted you at the LA Times to thank you for turning me on to the work of Zhang Yimou–specifically “Red Sorghum.” We corresponded briefly and I declared my appreciation for your work (and your warmth) by baking some chocolate chip cookies and sending them to you at the office. I was Lisa Ness then. Your children were young adults; my daughter wasn’t yet a twinkle. Twenty-plus years later, I still think about the films I’ve seen on the basis of your reviews and wanted to say hello. My husband and I fled Orange County for Aptos, a lovely town near Santa Cruz, with our three crazy little white dogs.
    I look forward to following your blog.
    Your fan,
    Lisa Clark

  3. Yes, it IS up to you… but I have complete faith in your ability to keep us fed with tasty morsels, and nutritious cultural feasting! Happy New Year, and can’t wait for more.

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