Oh, for goodness sake!

Now, do you see what I mean about my uphill slog against technology?

No, I did not send out a blog with all the links sideways and cattywampus. When I checked them, every one of the three links in the blog you just got this afternoon worked.  Then, when I went back later, to bask in my nice, tight, shipshape effort, not one of them worked.

That means that all of you who got a message that there was a new CQF, and tried it, are now rolling your eyes, saying, sotto voce, “Well, what can you expect, after a while the light does dim.”

Click here, please.

And thank you.

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About Sheila Benson

Growing up in a movie-centric household, with an abiding interest in ballet and a background in Theatre Arts at UCLA, somehow I found myself drawn to writing about films. At first on a small Mill Valley weekly, then at a slightly bigger paper, as the Los Angeles Times Film Critic (1981-1991.) Now, after 3 decades with the right husband, I read, write, sometimes cook, miss my kids, sound off about politics and watch movies as obsessively as ever.

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