4 thoughts on “Logos, Lauren, and the GOP

  1. The rape/pregnancy scenario you flesh out is a wonderful new contribution to the subject. Not the kind of generalized blather spewed from both sides, but an actual look at how such things play out in real life. I thought Ekin’s (?) remark about “legitimate rape” revealed a not-so-uncommon view that doesn’t often surface. Also a fear of female sexuality embedded in human history.

  2. Slam Bam Thank you M’am! I want me a pickle bagel, a back rub, to ride in the back of a nice long RR… Give ’em Hell, baby, they’rt terrible scart of joinin’ us Down There!

  3. It was outrageous that our 2012 Olympians uniforms were made in China. I worked on the 1984 Olympics in L.A. and our uniforms, although also hideous were made in the USA by Levi Strauss, the working mans (non)designer. I still have the jacket which was inspired by the color palette called Festive Federalism and is Kelly green with orange trim. The objective was that Olympic employees would easily pass through security and would be easy to pick out in a crowd. No one one in their right mind would have worn those uniforms for the sake of fashion. Nevertheless, they were made in the USA.

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