Rats and Mice – Michael Umble, son-in-law

I think of Sheila, I think about the look. The glint in her eyes. The expression utter delight, complete surprise, sly mischievousness and if you witness a wrong moment, there would be a sigh of exasperation and an expression of “oh rats and mice!”.

The joy and delight would come back, always. Joy. Surprise. Happiness. When I didn’t see the look, I knew it was there, answering my phone to an indescribably cheerful “Hullo, darlin’…” and I will miss that.

With that look, with a tone, no one ever made anyone feel more loved, and through her delighted and delightful laugh spread her brilliant enthusiasm. It’s a quality she passed on to her daughters which is lovely. I see it in Eden, it is so much a part of her (even the more harshly worded “rats and mice” part) and for that I am grateful, but I’ll always miss the original.